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Bri-Chem’s main business activity is the wholesale distribution of oilfield chemicals to the oil and gas industry in North America. Our five divisions supply, blend, and package drilling fluid products in a wide variety of weights and clays, lost circulation materials, chemicals and oil mud products.

Our customers benefit from our 35 years of experience on their road to success.

Drilling Fluids

Independent North American Wholesale Distributor of Oilfield Chemicals

We have access to over 100 different products in a wide variety of weights and clays, loss circulation materials, chemicals, and oil mud products. The drilling fluids division strives to ensure that each warehouse location is well stocked to deal with every situation.

Cementing and Stimulation

Facilities to Blend, Package, and Distribute Oilfield Cementing and Stimulation Products

We procure, blend, and package completion, cementing, acidizing, and stimulation chemicals. We have the ability to mix and blend oilfield chemical products to grow and adapt to the changing environment and needs of our clients. Many of these products are a blended formulation utilizing specialty additives that Bri-Chem can supply in both packaged and truckload quantities.

Production Chemicals

Blending Solutions for Liquid Oilfield Chemical Products

Our specialty chemical service company provides services to various production chemical, drilling fluid, and oilfield service companies. With over 30 years of combined experience, we are committed to the confidentiality of our customers and are dedicated to the safe and efficient handling of products with a high standard of internal quality control.

Packaging and Blending

Blending and Repackaging of Non-Liquid Oilfield and Industrial Products

We can blend products for multiple applications, including, but not limited to, cementing, acidizing, and non-liquid drilling fluids. Our blending operation services our customers with exceptional support and willingness to meet the ever-changing needs of the oilfield and industrial markets. We can also provide bulk repackaging services, as well as customer-specific requests of dry chemical bagging.

Liquid Toting and Blending

Liquid Toting and Blending Service

Bri-Chem offers complete liquid blending and filling services along with comprehensive logistical services, including delivery. Choose from our packaging options to meet specific product needs.

Warehousing Network

25 Strategically Located Warehouses

We have 11 strategically located warehouses throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and 14 located in California, Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming. Our facilities are equipped with inventory management solutions that assist our customers with their product requirements.
Markets We SERVE

Growth Through Innovation and Expansion

Bri-Chem is an independent industry leader in the distribution, blending, and packaging of oilfield and industrial chemicals. We continue to concentrate on maintaining our North American market presence with a focus on increasing our value-added services to best service our customers.

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