Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Bri-Chem has established itself, through a combination of strategic acquisitions and organic growth, as a North American industry leader for the distribution and blending of oilfield drilling, completion, stimulation and production chemical fluids. We sell, blend, package, and distribute a full range of drilling fluid products from 25 strategically located warehouses throughout Canada and the United States. Bri-Chem has been operating 11 warehouses in Canada since 1985 and we expanded into the United States in 2011 where we have successfully established 14 warehouse locations that are strategically located in major drilling regions throughout the United States.

Bri-Chem main business activity is to provide 24/7 coverage of oilfield chemicals in a wide variety of weights and clays, loss circulation materials and oil mud products to drilling fluid engineering companies who sell directly to drilling firms engaged by oil and gas companies.

Much of Bri-Chem’s competitive advantage is attributed to our comprehensive network of strategically placed and fully stocked warehouses throughout North America as drilling fluid engineering companies and drilling companies prefer to use one supplier of drilling fluids for all their widely dispersed drilling rig locations.

Bri-Chem currently has five divisional subsidiaries, three operating in Canada and two in the United States providing the following services:
    • Bri-Chem Supply Ltd. provides drilling fluids and chemicals through its distribution network of 11 warehouses located throughout Western Canada.
    • Sodium Solutions Inc. operates two production facilities in Alberta, Canada, that offer customers proprietary chemical blending, packaging, and distribution.
    • In Calgary, Alberta, Solution Blend Service runs a liquid blending facility for stimulation and production chemicals.
    • From 14 warehouse locations strategically located in all the major drilling regions throughout the United States, Bri-Chem Supply Corp., LLC distributes drilling fluids.
  • Located in Bakersfield, California, Sun Coast Materials, LLC provides oilfield cementing chemical blending and distribution for wellbore cementing and well abandonment applications.

Superior customer service is the cornerstone of Bri-Chem. Contact us by phone, email, or directly through the warehouse for easy access to products at competitive prices.

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